Who will buy Singapore's $24b infrastructure bond issue?

Who will buy Singapore's $24b infrastructure bond issue?

Singapore is about to embark on a massive bond issuance program that will literally change the landscape. These new infrastructure bonds will be longer dated than traditional Singapore government bonds and will enable investors to lock in high quality paper for the long term.

New bond trading platform to help spread risks

fundsupermart offering lets investors trade wholesale bonds in smaller lots

IN A move that could lower risks, fundsupermart is launching a new bond trading platform where investors can trade smaller amounts of bonds that are typically sold only to institutional investors

An answer to Singapore's default problem

When most people imagine Singapore they think of efficiency, clean streets, low crime and a lack of corruption. The spectre of debt defaults has not encroached on that image until now, or until a year ago to be precise, when a Singapore dollar bond issued by Indonesian telecoms merchandiser Trikomsel missed a coupon payment.