On a mission to standardise, improve and automate traditional bond trading

Enhancing the human elements, while maximising efficiency and information distribution.



Enhancing bond trading experiences for institutions and their clients 



Improving bond trading liquidity from the bottom up


Whitelabelling of 3rd party bond trading application suite for institutions and their clients


Providing affordable multifunctional bonds research and trading platform for individuals

Why Bondlinc?  


Private Client

iOS / Andriod Compatible

Yield Calculator

P&L Tracking

Alert Notifications

Messaging System

Real-time Audit Trail

Private Bank Relationship Manager

Web-based Portal

Client Blotters


Bond Search and Analysis

Messaging System

Trade Recommendations


Private Bank Execution Team

Web-based Portal

Work Orders

Execute Trade

Messaging System

Trading Blotter

Management & Compliance

Web-based Portal

Audit Trail of Client, Sales, Trading Activity

Error Tracking


Big Data Analytics