Top 40 Finalist for FinTech Awards 2018!

We are honored to be picked as one of the Top 40 Finalists for the upcoming FinTech Awards 2018 for our innovative bond trading solutions!


Bondlinc’s Product Repository System (PRS) is one of the modular solutions that help financial institutions automate and digitalize the bond trading workflow.

Financial regulators mandate that sufficient sales documents are to be provided to Accredited / Professional Investor clients of Private Banks before a trade can be recommended and a bond instrument can be traded. Bondlinc's PRS provides and automatically manages a centralised database of prospectuses and offering documents for bonds in the primary and secondary market. In general, PRS provides easy access to bond prospectuses and where available, other documents including but not limited to term sheets, pricing sheets in the form of unique distributable hyperlinks for our clients to distribute to their customers. 

PRS is modular and has the ability to integrate into existing banking infrastructure for delivery through other front-end mediums of our client's choice.  The system also automatically extracts information from emails or PDF attachments within them, by leveraging on multiple proprietary technologies - it creates a bond record, flags out relevant special/risk features from the prospectuses, and generates customised bond factsheets. It notifies the Financial Institution through social messaging applications, SMS, email, or BondChat when a deal is ready for distribution to their customers - leveraging on analytics to provide greater granularity over traditional distribution methods.

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