Important Announcement - May 2019

Effective immediately Eng Keong Ong will be stepping down as the CEO of Bondlinc and cease to have any managerial or operational role within the company. He will also be resigning from the board of directors. Given the recent MAS announcement and press articles, it is prudent that his involvement cease as we are promoting our regtech initiatives to our clients whom all perform regulated market activities. This definitive measure is to avoid any unnecessary concerns or hesitations existing and potential clients may have as they consider Bondlinc as a business partner. This will also curtail any reputational risk of being associated with Bondlinc both internally and externally.

Effective immediately, I will be assuming the role of CEO in addition to my current role as chairman. Since 2014, I have been sharing the vision and value proposition of Bondlinc to potential investors and industry participants. Perhaps it was too early for fintech, but sharing that vision spurred EK Ong to join the company and help operationalize the first phase of the business starting in 2016. We thank him for his efforts and contributions.

As a client or business partner, there will be no operational difference in your daily business and I will now become the point of contact for any feedback, suggestions and future business opportunities. Bondlinc’s product pipeline is evolving rapidly and we are very excited to share these new functionalities with our clients in the near future.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach me at my direct numbers +65-9271-5711 (Singapore) +852-9726-9680 (Hong Kong).

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Daniel Yu

Founder & CEO