Product Catalogue Service

Where convenience meets regulatory compliance – a central repository of bond prospectuses and factsheets. 


1. Central, standardized storage of bond information

Efficiently maintain central database of prospectuses/factsheets, making it easy for you to share standardized bond information with your clients

2. Search the Product Catalogue Service

Search extensive repository with ISIN or issuer name

3. Generate email template or copy hyperlink

Never worry about email size limits again – send hyperlink of multiple prospectuses to clients with one-click

Regulatory Mandates

Have you reached regulatory standards?

If not, leverage on our solutions to provide the required regulatory checks where needed.

DISCLAIMER: Bondlinc is a fintech company providing financial institutions with automated regulatory compliance services. We are not a legal company providing professional advice. Please consult your own legal advisors for interpretation of the regulations prescribed by the regulatory authorities.


Watch how it works

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