Cybersecurity boost for Bondlinc, with Horangi's expert risk-management solutions

Bondlinc CEO, Eng Keong Ong, & Horangi CEO, Paul Hadjy

Bondlinc CEO, Eng Keong Ong, & Horangi CEO, Paul Hadjy

Bondlinc, a Financial Technology (Fintech) software-as-a-service company, has recently inked a major contract with Horangi Cyber Security. The agreement covers Bondlinc's subscription to a comprehensive suite of Horangi's cyber security products and services, which would serve to boost its digital security against evolving threat vectors in the world.

In a recent annual cybersecurity report, Horangi has discussed extensively on the latest cybersecurity threats and why Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs) were particularly susceptible to cyber attacks. Horangi has continued to focus on serving SMBs and the middle-market. Horangi believes that cybersecurity solutions can remedy the lack of cybersecurity professionals in the industry.

Bondlinc's new investment into cybersecurity solutions comes as it seeks to expand to overseas markets with its revolutionary bond trading product. By subscribing to Horangi's comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions, Bondlinc takes the lead in the SMB sphere on investing in cybersecurity. Recently, Bondlinc officially onboarded its first global client, testifying Bondlinc’s establishment in the Fintech arena as a trusted solutions provider.

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